We have tried

to make this

procedure as simple

as possible.

You just need

to follow the

five steps below.


Please fill in the registration form
(for each wine separately)
 by 31th March 2022
In response, we will provide you with an invoice
and a PayPal link for your credit card.
Submissions paid before 1st November get additional 15%.


Ship your samples by the 1st of May
(3 bottles per sample) to the IRC office at:
Mr. Michał Bardel
 DOM WINA Sp. z o.o.
International Rosé Championship
ul. Balicka 255 (parter),
 30-198, Krakow, Poland
We recommend that you enclose a proforma invoice
with a note "No commercial value. Not for sale".
For wine from a non-EU country, please affix the invoice 
to the outside of the package. Please send a copy of the invoice 
also by email before the package arrives.
The proforma invoice should inform about:
  • The name of the wine
  • Alcohol content
  • The lowest possible value
    (we need it only for custom clearance)
  • Delivery term (DDP Incoterm)
There is a possibility of collecting wine samples from New World producers at Prowein wine fair in Dusseldorf (March 2022). Please contact our coordinators for more information.


Pay the applicable submission fee via credit card or bank transfer.
The fee depends on the number of samples submitted:
1 sample = EUR 90
2 samples = EUR 170 (EUR 85 per sample)
3 samples = EUR 240 (EUR 80 per sample)
4 samples and more = EUR 75 per sample
Special offer: Every five samples (EUR 375)
allows you to submit further three free of charge.


Wait for the official announcement of the results
and order your medals by filling in the medal form 
and sending it to
Your invoice will be sent to you along with your medals.

The prices quoted do not include VAT, bank charges or shipping cost.


Pay for the medals via bank transfer.
The labels come in rolls of 1000 pcs. or 2000 pcs.
Between 2000 and 5000 pcs. = EUR 39 per 1000 pcs; 
Between 6000 and 10000 pcs. = EUR 35 per 1000 pcs; 
Between 11000 and 15000 pcs. = EUR 28 per 1000 pcs;
over 16000 pcs. = EUR 24 per 1000 pcs.
(minimal order 2000 pcs.)